Meditation, a great tool for day to day


Nowadays meditation has become popular, being of great help for those who have problems such as lack of concentration, stress, anxiety, among other conditions. But remember that meditation is a practice that arises in the East. For example, in yoga practice meditation had a very important role at the end of the practice. So remember, meditation can be a great tool for day to day.

Contemplate the silence can helps us to have greater clarity of our thoughts. Because the purpose is not to put the mind blank, the real purpose is to know each other more; connect more with ourselves in order to have more clarity in our ideas.

There are different meditation practices

Primordial Sound Meditation: this technique is based on mantras; Remember that mantras are sacred sounds, which help you to be in a state of relaxation.

During your practice it is necessary to repeat some mantra that you like several times, if at first you don’t know many, you can recite the Mantra OM; which is the primary sound of the universe.

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Vipassana Meditation: also known as “insight” meditation, it is a traditional Buddhist meditation. Which allows us to see things as they are, this meditation emphasizes the awareness of the breath; feeling your inhalation and exhalation through the nose.

Zazen Meditation: “Zazen” means “sitting meditation”, during this practice the emphasis of breathing is on the belly; perceive the abdominal movement that occurs when inhaling and exhaling.

Don’t forget the posture

The posture is something really important for this technique; you should remain seated with your spine straight, your chin should be slightly towards your chest, eyes open to a minimum portion and your hands at abdomen level in a special posture. This practice is recommended for those who already have more experience in meditative practice.

Metta or Benevolent Love Meditation: it has its meaning in unconditional goodness and friendship. This meditative practice has its origin in Buddhist teachings. This technique is useful and beneficial for those who suffer from low self-esteem and are usually very self-critical. Since it helps you boost empathy and positive thoughts for yourself and others.

Mindfulness Meditation: it can be practiced in different ways, for example by conscious breathing, that is, feeling like the air enters and leaves your nose. The body scan, allowing you to feel every part of your body, walk consciously, feeling every step you take, or the textures on the floor.

You can also practice day by day, when eating an apple, perceive the smell, color, and allow yourself to feel its texture, the more you practice it and get familiar with it, you can apply it more naturally. And remember that Meditation is a great tool for your life.

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