¿Do you have style at the gym?


Visit the gym is an activity that has gained a great boom in recent years. Increasingly sedentary jobs and poor physical activity in the office have boosted activity in gyms. As sophisticated women we cannot lose style when we exercise. We are going to give you several examples of “do’s” and the “don’ts” of th gym dress code. It is one thing to wear appropriate clothes, and another to look immature and not have style at the gym when doing your routine.

Exaggeratedly baggy clothes

It is really important doing sports and have comfort when we are doing certain activity, but we cannot wear very baggy clothes, instead of helping us exercise, it can harm us and make us feel uncomfortable.

We have to realize that the exercise will indicate the clothes that we should wear. Wearing excessively baggy clothes can be dangerous. That kind of loose outfit, can get stuck in the machines and cause an accident.

You are not a billboard

There are many brands that like to be very “flashy”, fortunately this is changing. The huge brand sign on the entire length of your leggings does not look good, in fact it is very vulgar and ordinary. A pair of completely black leggings with the small brand are perfect for almost any sport. They make you look good, visually you look thinner and if you suffer from cellulite, they can help to hide it very well.

If you are one of those lucky ones who have a prominent bust, you should avoid very tight tops at all costs. Showing off giant typefaces or huge logos on the chest is very inappropriate and you will surely be a magnet of unwanted looks. Unless you get paid to carry or promote brands, we simply do not recommend it.

#Visita Ropa para Gym que no debes usar

Wear the proper sports shoes

Wearing Michael Jordan special edition retro tennis to your yoga class or your spinning class, it is not the most appropriate and you can look very immature. We know you like your sneakers a lot, but they really aren’t necessary for those activities.

Wear simple tennis shoes, preferably without a heel, unless your activity warrants it, such as basketball. The sole support is the most important thing. If you are not an expert and don’t care about buying a particular brand, we recommend you do some research. Choosing the right shoe brings many benefits. Your body will perform better and the impact on your bones will be much less.

Running shoes are always a very good option and can get you out of trouble if you really don’t know much about it. If your physical activity is very intense, it is really necessary to acquire your footwear in official sports stores. A pair of dubious tennis shoes can save you some money, but at the cost of your health. These sneakers are not of the same material as the originals and their duration is much shorter. Invest a little more on your shoes, your heels, knees and even your hip will thank you.

You are going to exercise, not to a party

It is amazing to see how many women attend the the gym with tons of makeup. They go to their yoga, pilates or crossfit classes, as if they were going to the club at night. Really, it’s not to bother but they don’t look good, simply don’t do it. It is not healthy, the pores are clogged immediately by your perspiration and in long term, it’s very harmful to your skin. Worst of all is that many wear makeup that is not waterproof and in the middle of the routine they look like clowns in the rain. For education, people will not tell you anything, but surely they are thinking about it.

Makeup was not done to go exercise. It’s best to go alone with your freshly washed face. Remember that perspiration and sweating of your body is natural and helps release toxins from your skin. When your face and body are clean, perspiration is done correctly and naturally.

#DON’TMISS Skincare básico de día

If insist and you still want to give yourself a ‘no makeup’ look before going to the gym, we recommend using only moisturizing cream on your skin, and a little mascara and waterproof lipstick, nothing more, but we still do not recommend it.

Although the fitness industry shows us perfect bodies with makeup, it is not real, and it’s not healthy. Remember that they are photographs of professional models. Remove all that garbage from your head and just go to the gym to do the routine with all your attitude, go with no makeup at all, be natural, no poses, just be yourself.


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